The Volkswagen Golf family of models has become a common sight on Las Cruces, NM roadways, and while the current model has been around for a while, an update is finally ready to hit the roads around Alamogordo, NM in 2021. Sisbarro VW is here to preview what we already know about the 2021 Volkswagen Golf, as well as when you can expect to see them roll into our dealership.

What We Know So Far

Let’s start with a big one: The latest iteration of the Volkswagen Golf will be arriving to our dealership as both the Golf GTI and Golf R, so if you’ve been a fan of the more hopped-up versions of the Volkswagen hatchback, you can rest assured that the latest models will be available sometime next year. We also know that we will not be getting a Sportwagen or Alltrack version of the Golf, as both models were discontinued ahead of the 2020 model year with no plans for a return. We’re sorry wagon lovers, your best hope now rests on the potential for a long-roof version of the VW Arteon to make its way over from Europe.

The latest VW Golf also gets a massive visual update, with narrowed LED headlights flattening across the front of the vehicle and creating a single-plane appearance across both the headlights and the front grille trim. Around back, more angular taillights show off a more modern look, but overall the proportions and shape of the MKVIII Golf are similar to what we already see in the MKVII model.

There is also plenty of new tech coming, with a wide, dual-display dash that covers both the central infotainment display and driver instrument cluster, and new Car2x technology that can communicate with other cars in the area to warn each other of hazards, road construction, and more.

Some Questions

We don’t currently know if the new Volkswagen Golf will arrive in a non-GTI/R guise in the way that the current model has done, so stay tuned as we expect to see more updates in the coming weeks and months.

We also don’t know how much power to expect from the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is going into both the Golf GTI and Golf R, however, we can expect a slight bump from their current outputs of 228 and 288 horsepower, respectively.

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